Reading skills for the week:  making predictions, sequence, fairy tale, synonyms

Reading Test Friday

Vocabulary Test Friday

Vocabulary Words
  • brainstorm -to solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely.
  • flattened- to make flatter or more level or smooth
  • frantically - to act widely excited due to worry or fear
  • muttered - means spoken in a low unclear way
  • official - means to be properly approved or authorized
  • original - means to do, make, or think something new or different
  • stale - means if something is older not fresh.
  • gracious - very polite in a way that shows respect

  • Test on sentences, sentence fragments, every sentence beginning with a capital letter and sentences ending with a punctuation mark.

  • writing numbers, expanded form, standard form, comparing numbers, and  writing multiplication equations
  • test Friday
  • Math Homework will be sent home on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
  • Multiplication Test on Friday through 9 x 9

  • Test Friday on numbering 5 steps in scientific method and reading and answering questions about scientific method (Study guide on 5 steps in scientific method will be sent home.)
  • Renewable and nonrenewable energy will continue to be studied.

A few yearbooks are for sale for $40

Spelling words:
  1. flat
  2. cash
  3. band
  4. bell
  5. left
  6. shelf
  7. wealth
  8. grim
  9. mill
  10. hint
  11. plot
  12. dock
  13. blot
  14. odd
  15. sum
  16. plum
  17. bluff
  18. crunch
  19. build
  20. gym

Important Dates:
  • Aug 23 - Title I Parent meeting 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Aug 31 - early release day
  • Sept 5 - school dismissed for Labor Day